Find Affordable Mobile Auto Body Repair Services

Affordable mobile auto body repair services are available. Learn how to find the most affordable mobile auto body repair services in your area today.

When you decide to hire a mobile auto body repair service you look for the company or individual with the best service record and level of experience. You also need these qualities to be combined with affordability, however. Prices for mobile mechanic services tend to be slightly higher than those charged in traditional garages. This is due to the convenient and fast-response nature of the industry.

Still, quality services do not need to break the bank or empty your wallet. Windshield, scratch, dent, bumper, and ding repairs are all performed by mobile auto body repair services at affordable prices. The trick is knowing how and where to find the best services with the lowest prices. Read ahead to learn all you need to know about finding the most affordable mobile auto body repair services in your area today.

What Is a Mobile Automobile Mechanic?

Mobile auto mechanics function in most of the same ways your local or national franchise auto mechanic companies do. A few distinct differences between these two types of services exist, however. First, mobile auto mechanics come to wherever your vehicle is located, provided the location is both safe and within the mechanic’s service area. Second, traditional garages and service centers have access to powered vehicle lifts and other specialized equipment your mobile mechanic cannot bring to your location. Third, the mobile mechanic industry breaks with traditional auto mechanic business models by prioritizing its customers perspectives in ways traditional service centers and garages historically have not. This new type of business model is highly popular with American consumers because of the convenience it combines with professional-level mechanic services in stressful and/or emergency situations.

Typical Mobile Mechanics vs. Mobile Auto Body Repair Services 

The types of jobs performed by regular mobile mechanics include routine maintenance and basic repairs. Do you simply need an estimate on damages and costs for all recommended repairs? Perhaps your taillights, headlights, brake lights or turn signal bulbs are out and you need them replaced while you are at work. Typical mobile mechanics also replace and repair various filters, belts, and problems with your tires. Do you need your automobile inspected but do not have time to take it to a service center before your sticker date expires? A mobile mechanic performs same-day inspections as well as additional basic and intensive repairs such as:

  • Brakes and rotors.

  • Spark plug replacements.

  • Oil changes and fluid checks.

  • Battery replacements.

  • Steering system repairs.

  • Heating/AC system component repairs and replacements.

  • Alternator replacements.

  • Shocks, coils, struts, springs, and alignments.

Learn the Specific Services Mobile Auto Body Repair Mechanics Provide

A mobile auto body repair service generally does not provide basic maintenance and repair services such flat-tire fixes, oil changes or replacing light bulbs and belts. On the contrary, tasks performed by this type of service are much more specialized in nature. Primarily, these services are designed to fix damaged paint jobs, scratches, dings, and dents on the body of your vehicle. Windshield repairs are also prioritized.

  • Windshield Repairs - Windshield repair and replacement services involve an initial assessment of the damaged area and the performance of all necessary tasks to correct the issues. Safelite AutoGlass is perhaps the best-known company in the U.S for this type of mobile service. Based on the size, depth and location of the damage, your mobile mechanic will determine if your windshield is savable or in need of a replacement. Mostly, however, this determination is made based on safety. Your vehicle has numerous safety features, which are reliant on window sensors. If the functionality of some of all these sensors are at risk due to damaged glass, your windshield will need to be replaced.

  • Plastic Bumper Repair - Metal bumpers with significant damage often need to be replaced. Plastic bumpers are more responsive to repairs, however. It is important to repair your damaged bumper quickly. A damaged bumper cannot accurately do its job, which includes protecting several fragile elements of your vehicle from serious damages. In fact, your vehicle’s silencer and tires are all at risk of sustaining damage when a bumper is not completely intact.

  • Computer-Matched PPG Paint - Computer-matched PPG paint services apply matching paint to any areas where your original paint job was damaged. Your mobile auto body mechanic will use the vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned to your automobile to locate the exact type and color of paint used when your vehicle was manufactured. Computer-matched PPG paint services restore areas of damaged paint to their original factory-level quality without any mismatched shades or unattractive discoloration.

  • Paint-less Dent Repair (PDR) - PDR involves the repair of dings and/or dents utilizing a non-invasive approach to your paint job. This method is so fast and affordable, most vehicle insurance providers recommend it over PPG services whenever possible. This green-friendly process is not damaging to the environment. In fact, PDR uses a safe and high-tech specialized lightboard and pressure system to locate and repair applicable indentations on your vehicle. PDR mechanics report between eighty and ninety percent of vehicles are fixable using this approach, without exposing their current paint jobs to any risks.

Need a Mobile Auto Body Repair Service? This Is What’s Required

Hiring a mobile auto body repair service does not require a credit check or application process. It is necessary to meet certain requirements, however. For example, the damage to your automobile must be fixable by the mobile mechanic unit. Any repairs requiring a motorized lift or other similar specialized types of potentially dangerous gear must be performed inside a services center or garage. Mobile auto body mechanics will only work in areas where their safety is not placed at risk.

For example, your car needs to be located away from traffic, or loose tree branches and away from declines such as hills, crevices, and cliffs. Most mobile mechanic services only operate inside a specific service area as well. Any mobile unit willing to travel outside their designated area is likely to charge extra to cover their additional time and travel-related expenses. Finally, you must be able to afford all out-of-pocket expenses up-front or have adequate insurance coverage to pay for applicable costs. Some mobile services are willing to make payment arrangements for deductibles and uncovered costs, but not all are. Ask about all payment policies before hiring any mobile auto body repair service.

Best Nationwide Mobile Auto Body Repair Services (and their average costs)

The type and extent of the damage to your vehicle are the two largest factors considered when assessing any repair/replacement costs. Chipped windows without significant damage might only cost $50 to repair. Cracks in your windshield might cost only $100 as well. Full windshield replacement costs range between $200 and $900, however.

Dents in your doors or fenders typically cost between $50 and $150 to repair. Damages to your vehicle’s paint job cost an average of between $50 and $1,500 to correct. Repairing plastic bumpers might cost anywhere between $400 and $1,500 depending on how badly your bumper is damaged. It is important to note the following: Mobile mechanics charge slightly more than in-house mechanics because they take on additional travel-related expenses. Hourly labor charges might cost you between $80 and $125 per hour. Service calls made on holidays, or for emergency-rush jobs will typically cost a minimum of $50 more. Any required parts and components will also be charged to your bill as additional expenses. 

Top Nationwide Mobile Dent Repair Companies in Your Area

Dent Wizard is one of the best mobile dent and bumper repair services available today. Available in numerous U.S. states and Canada, Dent Wizard performs paint-less dent repair, hail damage, interior, and exterior auto body repair services at affordable prices. Additional top national auto body repair companies available today include: