Back Pain: See How You Can Alleviate It

A physical therapist can also design a set of stretches and exercises for back pain relief near me. The therapist may meet with the patient several times to help the patient learn the exercises and stretches. Afterward, the patient can do the exercises and stretches independently at home.

Back surgery is invasive, and the recovery time is often several weeks. Therefore, most physicians only recommend surgery when other options have failed to adequately relieve pain. For instance, a herniated disc won't always cause pain or discomfort, but it can push against a nerve and cause pain. You may feel pain in the neck, arms or shoulders. Most physicians will treat your pain via exercise or other pain relievers. However, in some cases surgery is recommended for a herniated disc or for other painful back problems.
Chiropractic care is often used to treat back pain. A chiropractor can examine your back, take x-rays and design a course of treatment. Chiropractic treatments often involve adjustments and physical therapy. During chiropractic adjustment sessions, the chiropractor applies pressure to certain points on the back to relieve pain.

How To Help Chronic Back Pain

For chronic back pain treatment, you may seek relief via over-the-counter drugs. Some effective pain relievers are lower back pain gel or a back pain relief belt. Both the gel and the belt are applied directly to the area of the back to treat your pain. Some other over-the-counter drugs to treat back pain are:

Both of these treatments can be applied directly to the painful areas on the back. You may also purchase a heating pad. The heating pad can be applied directly to your pain. However, you must be careful not to burn yourself. Some patients apply a heating pad for too long and therefore develop a mild burn. 

How To Help Lower Back Pain

Treatment for lower back pain may include some of the same treatments used for chronic back pain. You can use lower back pain gel, Thermacare Advanced Back Pain Therapy, a lower back pain relief belt or a back heat patch for pain. The back heat patch for pain applies medicine and heat directly to the affected area of your back.

If you need treatment for lower back pain, contact a local chiropractor or seek a physical therapist for advice and treatment. If you want help with a back pain relief near me, contact your family doctor for a referral or to discuss a treatment plan.