Best Hearing Aids Brands & Deals

Hearing aids are affordable if you know where to search. Look no further than this article to find the best hearing aid brands and current sales today.

The quality and safety of your life are both greatly impacted by the quality of your hearing. If you are one of approximately forty-eight million Americans suffering from hearing loss today you need the best brand and model of hearing aids on the market at affordable prices fast. Hearing aids manufacturers run money-saving promotions and sales throughout the year. You have to know how to find them, however. Thankfully, a list of the best hearing aids brands and deals are listed for your convenience below. Keep reading to regain your hearing and save money on top hearing aids products today.

Top Best Hearing Aid Brands - and the Best Deals to Buy Them Now!

You need your hearing as close to perfect as possible to live your best possible life. You, as do most Americans, also have a budget. This means you need your hearing aids to be medically-tested, top-quality products at affordable prices. Fortunately, the best hearing aids brands run promotions and sales, some of which are happening right now. The top hearing aid brands with sales, deals and promotions on the market today are:


Hearing aids purchased through Eargo range in prices between $1,850 and $2,450 for high-quality older models still on the market today. The recent release of the Eargo5 has changed the way the company presents its products and how their popularity has simultaneously increased. Purchasing the Eargo5 includes two medical-grade FDA Class II exempt devices, telecare access, cleaning tools and much more. MSRP on a pair of Eargo5 hearings aids is $2,950 with free shipping included. Now, in addition to manufacturing the most natural sounding and comfortable hearings aids available, the advent of the Eargo5 also gives you access to the smallest in-canal, rechargeable hearing aid on the market today. A few Eargo Specifications include:

  • Up-to 16-hour ax battery life.

  • 17.80 +0.50/-0.20 mm length and 1.015 ± 0.05 gram weight (with tip).

  • 13.98 +0.17/-0.08 mm length 0.845 ± 0.03 gram weight (without tip).

Miracle Ear

Miracle Ear manufactures different styles of hearing aids, which it promotes as discreet, rechargeable, connectable and functional. The company has more than seventy-years of experience in the business and is still one of the most trusted brand-names on the market today. Product specifications vary per model but include Bluetooth connectivity, MECROS/BiCROS compatibility and intuitive sound processing. Very few cons exist when purchasing Miracle Ear products. On-site locations are limited and therefore not available to every customer needing in-person care. Miracle Ear products are also more expensive than many other brands on the market today. To compensate for this the company facilitates the Miracle Ear Foundation, which provides hearing aids to qualified customers who cannot otherwise afford them. All purchases also include a free initial hearing test and free annual hearing tests each subsequent year as well. Additional promotions and benefits from purchasing Miracle Ear-brand hearing aids includes:


Oticon markets its BrainHearing® technology as life-changing for those suffering from hearing loss and in need of results. Oticon’s products range from approximately $1,800 to $3,800 per pair and the Oticon More hearing aids deliver thirty percent more sound to your brain than others on the market today. Cons include minimal pricing discounts each year, a lack of over-the-counter availability and no direct connectivity with Android phones. Multiple model types are available and the Oticon ON App is available for convenience of use. Discounted Oticon prices are also available through HearingTracker today. Specifications vary per model but include:

  • On-board deep neural network (DNN) processor.

  • 64‑channel sound processing.

  • Hands-free calling.

  • Rechargeable batteries.


Widex, which recently merged with big-time healthcare provider Sivantos, is known for using high-end technology in its products. Specifications include proprietary SoundSense technology, artificial intelligence (AI), variable speed compression, wind noise attenuation and multi-directional active feedback cancelation. Prices range from approximately $1,800 to $3,500 but the hearings aids are not purchasable directly from Widex. This limited availability is one of Widex’s few cons, which also include above-average pricing and confusing warranty options. Fortunately, discounted pricing is available on Widex products through Pros for Widex hearing aids also include:

  • Free online hearing test.

  • Multiple FDA-approved product styles.

  • Highest-end technology available.


Starkey hearing aids are created to be compatible with wearing masks so you do not have to sacrifice extra safety for better hearing. Pros include free online hearing tests and the use of award-winning technology. Two major cons about Starkey hearing aids are they cannot be purchased online and prices are sometimes higher than for other brands. For example, average prices range from between $500 and $6,000 per pair. Specifications include tinnitus technology, Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, rechargeable batteries and fall or accident detection alert systems. Pros include Starkey hearing aids adjusting to the needs of each user to learn his or her sound habits and preferences. The Starkey Cares foundation also works to put hearing aids in the hands of customers otherwise unable to afford the costs.

ReSound GN

Resound GN includes some of the best sound isolation and noise reduction specifications into its hearing aids. These inclusions, in addition to the ReSound GN Smart Fit feature are part of what makes ReSound GN one of the more popular brands on the market today. Prices ranging between $2,000 and $3,200 per pair are expected but are not readily listed online, which is one of the main cons about purchasing this brand. Customization is also not immediately available because all ReSound GN hearing aids are pre-adjusted prior to customer use. Specifications include advanced noise reduction technology, Bluetooth streaming direct to the hearing aids and multidirectional sound. Resound GN does offer discounts for Veterans and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HueHearing and Additional Ways to Save

HueHearing offers frequent flash sales on its website for sixty percent off select models and more. The company offers a ninety-day money-back guarantee and its prices are lower than nearly every other brand on the market. The small size of HueHearing hearing aids does not fit everyone, however, and are not suitable for people with severe hearing loss. Pros and specifications include a comfortable silicone material base, tinnitus masking, powerful noise reduction and some of the cheapest hearing aids available. Additional ways to save on hearing aids include: