Find An Experienced Attorney Near You

Finding an experienced attorney near you can be the difference between winning and losing your case. Attorneys know how to determine if your case is legitimate and winnable. They know how to guide you regarding court etiquette and discipline. They also keep you informed of required paperwork, processing time and expected compensation if your case is won.

There might be temptation to handle your situation via self-representation. Financial limitations could be a factor. Perhaps it just did not occur to you a lawyer would be available or interested in your case. Unfortunately self-representation is rarely successful. Whether injured, fighting a financial wrongdoing or sexual misconduct, the sheer quantity of nuanced details involved in successfully litigating a legal proceeding are challenging at best. At worst, they are overwhelming and even insurmountable.

It is best to find an attorney having respectable years of service and court experience. It is even better to find an experienced attorney who is also reputable with a strong, winning record. Read on to learn how to find an experienced, reputable attorney near you and the types of cases they accept.

Resources to Help Find an Experienced Legal Aid or Pro Bono Attorney Near You                                       

Trying to locate legal aid near you because you're unable to afford legal assistance? Luckily, there are many firms and legal services that provide help at no cost to you. Legal aid or "pro bono" services are available in all nationwide cities. Check out this helpful legal aid/probono attorney by state list. The American Bar Association is a great resource to use when learning more about legal aid attorneys and what they can do for you. 

Additional legal resources are available online for not only finding an experienced attorney but also information about their success rates and case histories. There are commonplace search options such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. There are also more specific search options such as:

The usual process for specific search engines is to enter your zip code, case type and type of attorney for which you are searching. The search engine provides numerous options. Follow the prompts, collect the information and begin calling experienced attorneys near you to discover which one is the best fit for your case.

  • Legal Aid and Pro Bono Attorneys 

There are some legal situations where attorneys provide services for free or at discounted rates. A Pro Bono attorney most often takes criminal cases where going to prison is a potential outcome, but the client cannot afford legal fees. Legal Aid is a government run system offering financial assistance in certain situations. Clients likely still must pay a portion of legal expenses out of pocket, however.

Legal aid and pro bono attorneys are great assets in tough situations. On some occasions, free legal assistance is simply not available. Read on to explore a large variety of attorney types and the cases on which they work.

  • Divorce Attorneys

Divorce attorneys have extensive education in civil law. Civil law focuses on private legal matters existing between civilians. A divorce attorney largely focuses on the division of marital assets between parties, custody arrangements and child support. Two main jobs of this type of attorney are to protect your assets and ensure amicable custodial agreements. This is often contentious and therefore not always easy to achieve as 39 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.

  • Child Custody Attorneys

A child custody attorney focuses more on the specifics of custody matters and child support as opposed to asset distribution. The main jobs of child custody attorneys are to assure you see your child or children as much as possible and also receive the child support you deserve. Like divorces, child custody cases are also often contentious and must be handled properly to avoid emotionally damaging the children involved.

  • Family Attorneys

Family law also deals with divorces and child custody, but expands beyond those case types in numerous ways. Family attorneys can also deal with inheritance disputes, domestic abuse cases and adoption. They also handle guardianship (child or disable adult) and power of attorney scenarios. A family attorney can also sometimes handle tax situations.

  • DUI Attorneys

DUI (driving under the influence) attorneys have the obvious job of defending you in drunk driving cases. They also try cases where drivers were caught under the influence of prescription drugs or illegal substances such as cocaine or marijuana. What a DUI attorney can do for you varies depending on how many offenses are on your record. DUI attorney fees are not necessarily cheap, but are better than serving jail time or paying larger fines to the applicable state in which you were caught. 

  • Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense attorneys take on cases for a wide variety of illegal offenses, from assault to burglary and even murder. Their first priority is to prove your innocence. If not possible, their next job is to cast doubt on your potential guilt. If you are found guilty, a criminal defense attorney attempts to get you the best possible sentence. The job of a criminal defense attorney is challenging, as its overall function is to guarantee you a fair trial and defend your rights even if guilty.

  • Car Accident Attorneys 

Being involved in a car accident can lead to many complications and legal ramifications. Car accident attorneys are there to protect your rights as a victim or defend them when the fault is yours. Car accident cases often deal with financial loss and damages. They also tend to involve injuries, insurance claims and medical expenses. When in a serious car accident, regardless of fault, it is best to hire a car accident attorney to help navigate the complicated and nuanced litigation process of your case.

  • Personal Injury Attorneys 

Personal injury attorneys also deal with injuries sustained during car accidents. In addition, they deal with work-related injuries, damages from physical assaults and being hurt due to negligence. Negligence can include a landlord refusing to fix a step resulting in a broken leg. It can also include personal injury caused by a falling tree branch or being bitten by a neighbor’s dog. Personal injury cases can also be caused by a store neglecting to clean ice from their sidewalk, resulting in falls. 

  • Malpractice Attorneys

Malpractice law focuses largely on medical misconduct resulting in physical, mental, emotional and/or financial damages. Examples of medical malpractice can include surgical errors resulting in exacerbated issues or even paralysis. Malpractice cases can involve sexual abuse of patients. They can also involve being misdiagnosed and prescribed medicine causing a serious, adverse reaction.

  • Employment Attorneys 

An employment attorney handles a multitude of legal aspects pertaining to workplace situations. These situations can include discriminatory loss of employment, sexual harassment, wage disputes and overtime issues. An employment attorney can also assist in the resolution of collective bargaining disputes between unions and businesses, or workers compensation cases involving work-related injuries and loss of income.