Freeze Fat Away with Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a popular non-invasive method of losing specific pockets of fat on the body. Read how to freeze fat away with coolsculpting today.

Coolsculpting is a popular non-invasive method of losing specific pockets of fat on the body where other methods fail or are not safe to attempt. Just one of the many reasons Coolsculpting is popular is because the FDA-approved procedure is effective at permanently eliminating areas of stubborn fat even proper dieting and exercise cannot remove. So effective, in fact, it has supplanted longstanding popular fat-removal methods such as liposuction and other options as a consumer favorite.

Some benefits associated with Coolsculpting are common knowledge, while others might be overlooked or unexpected. It is important to also assess any risks involved, where on your body it is safe to do the procedure and various pricing options available. Finances are always an important consideration. Therefore, searching for various discounts and deals offered on the market by top Coolsculpting service providers is advisable. Your body is a temple – your temple. If you are looking for ways to complete the finishing touches on your personal temple then read on and learn how to freeze fat away with Coolsculpting today.

Coolsculpting 101

Coolsculpting, which is scientifically referred to as cryolipolysis, is a branded fat-freezing, reduction and removal process. The process is noninvasive, nonsurgical and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Coolsculpting is also considered a body contouring medical treatment, which neither requires the skin to be broken nor the use of scalpels, knives or needles. Because Coolsculpting only damages the fat cells it targets, your skin and other underlying tissues remain unaltered. In short, this means – no scars. Coolsculpting also delivers permanent results, which not only makes it an effective fat-removal process but also a highly popular one.

Coolsculpting Benefits – Why It’s so Popular Today

Modern times have exposed the ineffectiveness of fake and fad diets. Modern times have also revealed how proper exercise and balanced nutritional intake are effective tools for losing weight and reducing fat. Still, even the best diets and exercise routines cannot eliminate sections of the most stubborn fat pockets on some people no matter how diligently they work and try. Some people have mobility or schedule-based limitations. For example, even those who are biologically capable of losing stubborn fat do not always have time to get to the gym on a regular basis or dedicate to the type of exercise regiment required to lose it and remove it for good. Other people have financial limitations and cannot afford a gym pass, Peloton or alternate home-exercise machine.

You have the right to look the way you choose to look despite previous limitations preventing you from doing so. This is the essence of why Coolsculpting is so popular today. Do you have a tight schedule? No problem – some Coolsculpting treatments take only thirty-five minutes to complete. Do you have thyroid issues making it hard to lose weight even with proper diet and exercise? Once again, no problem – Coolsculpting is proven to be an effective method of permanently removing even the most stubbornly located pockets of fat on your body. Are you on a budget? Most Coolsculpting treatment providers offer affordable financing solutions on already reasonably priced treatments so money does not have to be an obstacle preventing you from looking the way you want to look.

How It Works

Coolsculpting is a fat freezing method of fat reduction and removal. The treatments utilize freezing temperatures to essentially put targeted fat cells into a deep freeze, which kills them off. The freezing process is executed via a noninvasive vacuum-based applicator, which requires no incisions. Once the fat cells die they are expelled from the body through the lymphatic system over a four to six-month period of time. The targeted region of fat will reduce by an approximate average of twenty percent by the time the final expulsion is complete.

Studies performed with calipers show an average between fourteen and twenty-nine percent of the targeted fat is effectively removed by one Coolsculpting treatment. Studies measured by ultrasound showed only ten to twenty-six percent of the targeted fat was lost on average, but this is still a noticeable and effective amount. Scarring does not occur and no significant health risks were determined to be factors pursuant to Coolsculpting procedures.

What Areas of My Body are Safe for Coolsculpting Treatments?

Coolsculpting treatments are most commonly used for stomach fat. The next most requested area for treatment is fat located in the chin area, which is also referred to as the submental (double-chin). Love handles, flanks and fat located under the arms are also safely and effectively treated by Coolsculpting. Additional areas of the body both safe and effective to treat with Coolsculpting include:

  • Buttocks (banana roll).

  • Thigh.

  • Back.

  • Bra areas (beneath and around the breasts and underarms).

  • Submandibular (beneath the jawline).

Are the Results Truly Permanent?

Coolsculpting is indeed a safe, effective and FDA-approved method of fat reduction and fat removal. Coolsculpting also does permanently remove the fat cells it freezes and kills during treatments. Where the concept of permanency becomes confusing for patients is when they see fat return in areas where Coolsculpting was performed. The dead fat is not capable of growing back and is gone forever once expelled. New fat is capable of forming, however, if proper dietary and healthcare routines are not maintained post-procedure. For this reason, Coolsculpting providers conduct a pre-treatment weigh-in including before and after pictures on all patients as proof of efficacy and subsequent outside factors influencing results. 

Coolsculpting – Any Risks?

Some minor risks are associated with Coolsculpting treatments although any side effects and complications are significantly lower than those associated with liposuction or other invasive fat removal procedures. Of the approximately 1,400 people studied by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, less than one percent reported any complications. The most common side effect (or risk) of Coolsculpting treatments involves reduced sensation and feeling in the treated areas. Red coloration in the skin, bruising, swelling and localized pain are also rare but possible risks. 

Find the Best Coolsculpting Deals Today

The proprietary website provides a search tool to help you find great deals from trusted U.S. treatment providers. Prices vary but range from between $2,000 and $4,000 per treatment. Two treatments are commonly recommended but many providers offer affordable financing with little money required up front. Some offer “buy three sessions – get one free” deals, while others offer twenty-five percent discounts for the second session or for new customers. Below are links to a few providers running current Coolsculpting promotions: