Professional Landscaping Services Near You

Affordable residential and commercial landscapers are available near you now. Learn ways to save on professional landscaping services in your area today.

Hiring a professional landscaping service saves you time and increases the value of your property simultaneously. This is vital when you are selling your home. Even if you are not selling, however, the elevated curb appeal and increased personal enjoyment each create their own special value. Some consumers hesitate to hire a landscaping company because they believe the costs will be too high. Affordable residential and commercial landscapers are available near you now, however. Continue reading to learn valuable information on ways to save on professional landscaping services in your area today.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscaper

Perhaps the top reason for many consumers to hire a landscaping service is to prevent the need to do the work themselves. Time is valuable and many home or business owners simply do not have the time to spend taking care of their property or lawns, even when they truly enjoy the process. A professional landscaping company hires trained and experienced employees as well, which means your lawn and/or property will be treated with the utmost care and receive the highest quality service.

Some people have physical limitations due to age or disabilities. Others have medical restrictions or allergies, which prevent them from working outside amidst pollen, grass, and other airborne allergens. Hiring a landscaping company allows these people to enjoy the visual benefits of a well-cared-for lawn, nonetheless.

Because a landscaping company employs trained professionals, your lawn will also be kept in its healthiest possible condition based on expert guidance and advice. Proper equipment, chemicals and treatments are also used, which eliminate wasted efforts (and money) via ineffective DIY methods. Finally, a lawn (especially one on an expansive property) is subjected to various issues with weeds, insects, small animals, and other pests. Depending on the climate where the property is located, these issues are regionally specific. Expert landscaping companies are both educated and equipped to handle these issues with the utmost professionalism and efficacy.

Financially Specific Benefits

The cost of a full-service lawnmower is potentially more expensive than the prolonged cost of hiring a landscaping service. For example, it might cost you between $500 and $1,000 up front to begin a consistent DIY landscaping routine. Basic lawn care services are available starting around $30 per visit, however. It would take sixteen and thirty-three basic landscaping service calls to total the amount you spend on a full-service lawnmower. Additionally, the time you save not landscaping your lawn or property is otherwise usable for personal or business purposes as you see fit.

Residential vs. Commercial Landscaping Services

Some consumers think about landscaping and only consider the lawn mowing and hedge trimming aspects of the process. Others might also include gardening as a part of landscaping, and this is occasionally true depending on the service provider. The truth is many similarities exist between residential and commercial landscaping services. Maintaining visually appealing grass heights in compliance with neighborhood or zoning requirements applies to both service types. Trimming bushes, shrubs and hedges might also apply. Edging, raking, leaf blowing, transplanting, and pruning are also common services included in both residential and commercial landscaping service packages today. More advanced landscaping companies also include the following services:

  • Flowerbed management (thus including the gardening elements).

  • Installation of walking paths.

  • Installing lighted pathways or archways.

  • Aerating.

  • Irrigating/watering.

  • Seeding.

  • Fertilizing.

Yard scaping employs an advanced approach to landscaping by adding sod, waterfall and fishpond installation in addition to the development of National Wildlife Federation-certified wildlife habitats. These types of companies charge in the tens of thousands per job but are still hired by both commercial and residential clients alike. Landscape architecture services manage storm water runoffs, design water features, and manage properties based on variable sun and shade location (in addition to how local climates impact plants on the property).

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping services differ from residential services in several distinct ways. Pricing and billing are two of the primary differences between the two service types. Commercial landscaping services typically charge more because they work for corporate/commercial clients with larger budgets and larger properties. Commercial landscaping companies also use different types and scales of equipment. For example, industrial-sized motorized heavy machinery is often needed to complete commercial landscaping tasks.

Water sources are also commonly different for residential and commercial landscaping projects as well. Commercial irrigation systems cover larger areas and therefore require a larger source of water. Larger and increased numbers of sprinkler heads and zones are also installed for commercial landscaping jobs. These systems are typically automated as well, whereas residential irrigation systems do not always require this programmable technology. 

Average Costs for Residential Landscaping Services

Residential landscaping costs between $4 and $12 per square foot on average. Prices vary based on needs, however, and how extensive each service is as provided. For example, basic landscaping, which includes mowing lawns and leaf blowing might cost as little as $30-$50 per visit. Landscaping which includes makeover, design and remodeling might cost as much as $40 per square foot or more. 

Some companies charge per hour. A two-person crew might cost between $50 and $100 per hour. Each additional crewmember might cost an additional $25 to $50 per hour as well. 

How to Find Landscaping Services in Your Area

Utilize basic online resources such as Google, Yahoo and Yelp to begin searching for landscaping services near you. Online searches with your zip code included are excellent methods for locating a local landscaper instead of a national chain service as well. This said, many nationwide landscaping services also operate in your local area.  

Additional Resources to Locate a Nationwide and/or Local Landscaper

Angi is an excellent consumer-favorite online resource to help you locate a landscaper in your area fast. Thumbtack and are also trusted popular resources today. Additional resources for locating a landscaper near you include:

Ways to Save on Landscaping Jobs in Your Area

Separating your wants and needs might help you save money by eliminating unnecessary elements from your landscaping budget. Simplifying your project often brings down the costs as well. Occasionally, you already have certain tools, plants, and other materials on-hand. Take inventory of what you already must avoid the unnecessary purchase of duplicate items.

When purchasing plants, buy them small. Smaller plants commonly cost less and will quickly grow into the shapes and sizes you desire at a fraction of the cost. Purchasing perennials instead of annuals also saves you money. Perennials are better investments due to their annual return without repeated efforts or expenses.

Finally, research and comparison-shop different landscaping services. Ask for estimates, quotes, and guarantees in writing. Compare prices and service features and choose the company offering you the best package at the most affordable prices.