Private Charters On Demand

Private chartered flights allow you to travel with freedom and flexibility. Find out the details about the types of private jet services, the costs of private chartered flights, and the costs of purchasing and staffing a private jet.

If you are interested in booking a private jet or hiring a private pilot, you can consider yourself amongst an increasingly larger group of people who desire to travel in a similar manner. In the past few years, private charters have become more popular. In fact, there are numerous facts and figures to attest to this growing trend. Global Jet Capital projects there will be 162.1 billion in jet sales before 2025 to accommodate the demands of consumers whereas WingX reports that United States private charters have already seen a substantial increase in demand since 2019. Likewise, the numbers indicate a rising need for information regarding private jet flights; accordingly, this article will detail the types of private jet services, the costs of private jet flights, and the costs of purchasing and staffing a private jet. 

What Are the Different Types of Private Jet Services?

A private jet is an aircraft you can purchase or rent to travel to a destination of your choice. In general, they provide you with the luxury of having a personal space for yourself or a group of people. They also allow you to fly according to your own schedule, rather than be at the mercy of commercial airline scheduling. Typically, private jets are equipped with many luxurious amenities and services such as aesthetically appealing and incredibly comfortable spaces, freshly prepared meals and fine drink selections, advanced entertainment systems, common workspace equipment such as computers and phones, and full-service bathrooms. Moreover, clients enjoy customized accommodations such as personal flight attendants and special assistance with disabilities or handicaps, special pets, or small children. 

If you wish to book a private jet, it is advantageous to know the different types of private jet services available. Generally, you can either book a private jet for business or for leisure. 

Many people believe that a private business jet is reserved for upper class management. However, as No Plane No Gain recently reported, 86% of private flights are for staff, middle managers and clients. Private jets for business have numerous benefits including saving costs for transporting large teams, reducing travel time, accommodating personal schedules, allowing for multiple destinations, ensuring a comfortable workspace, or meeting space aboard, enabling businesses to discuss sensitive information without being overheard by other passengers, or deliver equipment that may not be able to be transported by commercial means. 

Similarly, private charters for leisure have similarly appealing advantages. The large array of custom amenities and services are most attractive to those traveling for leisure. Travelers may appreciate avoiding the discomfort of commercial flights, their limited scheduling, and finite accommodations. 

What Is the Cost Of A Private Jet Flight?

When deciding whether to book a private chartered flight, many people are concerned with the cost. The main determining factor in the cost is the size of the jet or the number of people you need to accommodate. If you are flying solo, you may appreciate a small jet plane that can accommodate up to 6 passengers; small jet planes include Turboprops, and Personal or Very Light Jets. These flights will range between $1,200 to $3,500 an hour in the United States. If you wish to travel with 6-9 passengers, opting for a Midsize Je or Super Midsize Jet may be ideal; you can expect to pay between $3,200 to $8,000 per hour. Furthermore, you may book a Large Jet, Jumbo Jet, or Ultra Long-Range Jet if you desire to fly with up to 16 people. You should expect to pay between $5,500 to $11,000 per hour. Finally, a VIP airliner can hold up to 50 people; it costs between $16,000 to $23,000 per hour.

There may be additional fees that play a role in the complete cost of the flight. In the United States, you may need to pay a fuel surcharge, crew fees, landing fees, ramp and handling fees, US segment fees, and a Federal Excise Tax. Furthermore, you may need to pay extra if you opt for special services such as extra crew, long-duration flight crew, multiple destination flights, international destination flights, in-flight chef or catering services, or ground transportation. 

In most cases, clients prefer to purchase private jet services through jet cards. Clients will purchase a private jet card containing a specific amount of money upfront, and the cost of each private flight will be dedicated from the balance as clients make their flights. The largest advances of private jet cards are fixed hourly rates and guaranteed availability. However, clients who purchase a jet card can also take advantage of promotions and rewards as these are regularly offered to members. 

What Is the Cost Of A Private Jet?

Although renting a private jet may be ideal for making private flights, you may find it more prestigious to purchase a private jet. The cost of a private jet depends on two main factors: the age of the jet and the size of the jet. New private jets range from $2 million for the smallest aircraft to $500 million for the largest aircraft. Often, used private jets are much cheaper. That said, they can still cost into the hundreds of millions. 

As might be expected, the initial purchase price of a private jet is not the only important cost. Unless you are a pilot yourself, you will need to hire a private pilot and additional staff or crew. You will also need to factor in the ongoing cost of fuel, maintenance, and proper storage. Certainly, you should also consider any extra amenities or services you wish to have on your private flights. 

What Is the Cost Of Hiring A Private Pilot?

If you purchase your own private jet, you will need to hire a pilot and a co-pilot. You may also wish to hire flight attendants, or other flight staff to make your private flights comfortable. Depending on your specific state, you can expect to pay a private pilot around $42.00 to $61.00 per hour. Annually, a basic flight crew may cost at least $200,000. 

Whether you plan on purchasing private chartered flights or acquiring your own private jet, traveling by private jet is a luxurious experience. Many travelers enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to take a flight according to their own schedule, to their destinations of choice. Moreover, personalized amenities and services certainly add an advantage that cannot be matched by commercial airlines.