Companies Offering Senior Discounts For Cable Plans

Cable plans these days can be a burden to many seniors who are living on fixed incomes and already struggling with other expenses. Cable companies understand and are now offering senior cable plans. Retirement expenses should be for enjoying life and not paying too much for cable! Check out some cable tv providers that currently offer discounts to seniors.

Check out these top cable providers below:

  • Mediacom is one of the smaller service providers of internet and TV across the Midwest and South. This allows them to offer packages at a much lower rate than their competitors. Their bundled plan of FamilyTV and internet for $99.98 a month. This package includes all on-demand programming along with 170+ channels, 75 that are available HD.

  • AT&T offers a senior nation cell plan and for only $29.99 per month with 200 anytime minutes and unlimited mobile to mobile calling it is one of the cheapest plans they offer. When it comes to their cable plans, they are not quite as specific with their senior discount, but they do offer a $10 discount for bundling lower-speed internet packages with their tv services. Even with their lack of specific senior plans or discounts, AT&T has a wide variety of TV and internet plans such as DirecTV, which includes a DVR, live TV, and movies that start at just $35 a month. Signing up for a U-verse TV is only $75 a month and includes fiber internet along with 190+ TV channels. AT&T makes its best effort to offer a simple, uncomplicated service with all the equipment needed, free activation and no hidden fees.

  • Spectrum which had been formerly known as Time Warner Cable before 2016, advertises their discount for seniors on the AARP website. They do ask that seniors interested in this discount call their service center for more information and how to apply. In some cases, if people register as senior customers, they were offered one free month of cable every 12 months. Spectrum cable packages include 200+ channels and free HD where available. These plans start at $44.99 a month. It also offered potential customers $500 to buy out their existing contracts.

Comcast offers an Internet Essentials package specifically aimed at seniors. To qualify for this program, one must be 62 years of age or older and eligible for some form of public assistance. Once enrolled in this program low-cost internet is provided as well as the possibility to purchase either a laptop or desktop computer for only 149.99. Comcast offers a discount of 10 percent on their basic cable package for senior citizens.

Locating these discounts either online or at physical retailers isn't difficult. Searches can be done online by zip code to find providers with senior discounts as well as phrases such as the following:

You can simply also call these local companies and ask about their discounts for seniors.