Guide to Finding A Job After 50

Are you over 50 years of age? Use these steps to find a good job today!

Retirement is not always the happiest of words for those who face it. Consider the fact that you have spent a lifetime in the workforce, developed routines and habits, and now in retirement those must change. However, there are many things you can do to mitigate the impact retirement has on your well being and sense of purpose. Often finding a part time job, pursuing a hobby with more vigor, or pursuing charitable endeavors are great ways for easing into a new lifestyle.

But where do you find such opportunities? How many hours should you offer to your new part time job? Will you physically be able to handle a new job? Use this handy guide to find all the answers to these questions, and more, as well as resources to begin your search.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you jump right into a part time job take the time to consider your interests, the time you truly have to devote to the tasks you may be asked to accomplish, and to take true stock of your physical and mental state. Is the job you are considering going to require you to lift anything, or many things, or a regular basis? How many hours will you be required to stand on your feet throughout the day? If you are pursuing a hobby and intend to make a profit from it, what are the chances of it actually succeeding? Taking the time to do this type of research is critical as you begin to transition into retirement. What skills do you bring to the table as an employee, or as someone wanting to start a new business endeavor?  What sort of transportation will you require in order to get to your new job? How long has it been since you updated your resume?

Best Resources for Starting Your Own Business

If you have answered the above questions and believe starting a small business is the right step, then consider the following resources to get started:

Small Business Association

In addition to these federal resources consider your state’s Secretary of State website as well as your local chamber of commerce. Both have the necessary information to help you start a business correctly and begin the next phase of your career.

Best Resources for Finding Part-Time Charitable Work

If you do not necessarily need a salary, or much of one, and want to give back to your local community, then consider working for a charity. A number of them abound in every community. The best way to find those interesting you is to fill in some basic information at the following sites, as these platforms take into consideration your interests, physical capabilities, location and skills, then match you with those charities needing workers:

Best Resources for Finding Part-time Jobs for Retirees

If you prefer to switch gears and use your skills for a few hours a week, then consider finding jobs in a wide range of industries looking for part-time, or temporary, help. The following resources routinely list part time jobs for seniors:

AARP Job Board : This platform allows you to search for opportunities in and around your area. Set search filters for full or part time, types of jobs you are interested in, and rate of pay.

Your Local Schoolboard: You do not have to have a teaching degree in most states in order to be a substitute teacher. The National average salary for a substitute teacher is around $11 an hour. You perform basic duties such as teaching daily lessons, taking attendance, and providing supervision while the teacher is away from the classroom.

Concierge Services: If you live in an area where there are a number of resorts, consider becoming a concierge. Primary duties include assisting visitors upon check-in, assisting in setting up interesting trips and excursions, assisting on tennis or golf courts, and general customer service. The average pay rate is $12 an hour.

Uber or Lyft: These are considered ride-share companies. You use your own vehicle and choose your own hours of operation. Duties include picking up and dropping off passengers within your local area.  Average pay is $23 hour.

Wyzant: If you wish to pass along educational skills, then consider working as a tutor for Wyzant. Make on average around $15-20 hour depending on the subject. It costs nothing to set up a profile.

Best Resources for Updating Your Resume

If it has been awhile since you updated your resume, it most likely needs some dusting off. Use the following tools to update your resume and make it shine:

Additionally, if you would prefer to have someone write your resume for you, consider the following services. Keep in mind they all charge a slight fee.


Best Resources to Prepare for Interviews

Workers who enjoyed a long employment with just one employer are likely rusty when it comes to interview skills. The following services work with you to polish those skills so that your next interview presents you in your best light.