Everything To Know To Save On Your Internet Bill

Multiple methods for saving money on your monthly internet bill are available. Read what you need to know about ways to save on your internet bill here.

Saving money on monthly internet bills is a goal shared by most consumers across the country. High-speed internet has become a necessity today, especially due to increases in the work-from-home job market and remote education platforms. Purchasing internet service outright always seems to yield a high price tag. Customers are commonly encouraged to bundle internet with other services they neither want nor need. This pay-more-to-save-more marketing approach can be frustrating for consumers who simply want affordable prices on reliable internet service. 

High-speed internet service promotions are available, however. Deals for discounted rates for new customers exist. Services with speeds up to 10bps for $29.99 per month are also common. Continue reading to learn everything to know about how to save on your internet bill today.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Internet Service

Saving money on your monthly internet expenses begins by knowing where to look. You must also understand the types of promotional deals for which you qualify. Fortunately, reducing the price on your monthly bill does not require reducing service quality or sacrificing speed. It is possible to pay low prices each month for the same type of services sold at normally higher price points.

For example,  AT&T Fiber starts its internet plans at an affordable $35 per month. This plan provides fifteen-times faster speeds than cable internet and includes AT&T Internet Security for up to ten devices in your home. Mediacom is one company offering lower rates to new customers. For example, the no-contract-required Mediacom XSTream internet service is only $19.99 per month for the first year and includes free installation for download speeds ranging between 60 Mbps and 1Gb.

Resources and Helpful Information

More information on specific top internet service deals is provided below. Another important aspect to consider first, however, is your location, service availability where you live and how to find the best providers near you. Not all services are available in all areas of the country. Companies operate in certain market regions, with the largest companies dominating advertising space and promotional opportunities. Some research might be required to discover every internet service option available in your area and locate the lowest-priced plans.

Multiple online resources are available to help you search for the internet providers operating near you. AllConnect is one such resource, with a website dedicated to helping consumers locate the best deals on internet and television services in their respective market regions. DecisionData.org is another website resource dedicated to finding the best internet service providers near you. Additional online resources and websites for locating available internet providers include:

Comparing Prices and Deals Between Top High-Speed Internet Service Providers

Finding a deal to reduce your monthly internet bill does not require signing up with unestablished or lower quality providers. Top-tier companies such as Cox, AT&T, CenturyLink and more also offer lower prices via sales promotions and signup deals. High-speed internet service from Cox starts at only 29.99 per month (first year only) for up to 25Mbps download speeds. Cox does charge a $75 up-front activation fee but this might be waived if you speak to the right Cox representative at the right time (no promises, but definitely worth a shot). The normal price for Cox’s 25Mbps internet service is $42.99 per month. This means the first-year pricing deal saves you $81 over the course of twelve monthly bills after you pay the activation fee. If the activation fee is waived, you would save almost twice as much.

AT&T Fiber - Great Prices for Even Better Service

AT&T Fiber internet services boast providing some of the best speeds and services at affordable prices. AT&T is a favorite cell phone and landline provider in the U.S. today as well. Monthly high-speed fiber internet plans are available at 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 1GB speeds. These plans cost $35, $45 and $60 per month respectively. Taxes and equipment fees are charged on top of these monthly rates. Each plan includes unlimited data and AT&T Internet Security (protects up to ten in-home devices). Signing up now also earns you either a $200 reward card or a $350 SMARTHOME bundle package. As an extra bonus, the $60 per month plan also includes a free HBO Max subscription. Gamers also benefit from purchasing the top-tier AT&T Fiber internet plan due to its ultra-low lag pro-level gaming capabilities.

Pay Only for What You Need with HughesNet

HughesNet is one of the top internet service providers in the U.S. today. The internet service HughesNet provides is satellite-based and priced based on usage tiers. For example, $60 per month provides you with 10Gb of usable data. Gen5 plans all provide 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speeds for the best experiences streaming music and videos, sharing precious photos and even working/studying from home. HughesNet does require a two-year contract for all new customers, with additional data allowance plans and pricing as follows:

  • 20Gb data for $70 per month.

  • 30Gb data for $100 per month.

  • 50Gb data for $150 per month.

  • 100Gb data for $150 per month (additional terms and conditions apply).

T-Mobile Home Internet

Like AT&T, T-Mobile is one the most popular cell phone service providers in the U.S. today. T-Mobile now provides high-speed internet services as well, also like AT&T. Competition between mega-companies like these two often results in lower monthly internet bills for consumers. T-Mobile’s Home Internet plan is designed for simplicity, ease-of-use and pricing transparency. No monthly equipment, installation, early cancellation or data overage fees are charged - ever. Upload speeds range between 6Mbps and 23Mbps. Average reported download speeds are approximately 25Mbps, although speeds of 100Mbps and higher are experienced in certain areas. No contract is required and your monthly bill will always be $50 per month (including taxes) when paying with AutoPay.

CenturyLink and More Top Internet Service Providers (specifications, features and deals)

CenturyLink is known for its great online deals and pricing for senior citizens. For example, the Internet Basics plan costs only $9.95 per month and also includes complimentary training on how to use the free Netbook computer CenturyLink provides. CenturyLink also offers other money-saving internet plans, such as:

  • Unlimited Internet ($50/mo up to 140Mbps speeds; no data restrictions or overage fees when prepay and paperless billing are activated).

  • Fiber Gigabit ($65/mo; up to 940Mbps speeds).

  • Business Internet ($50/mo; unlimited data; speeds up to 100Mbps).

Additional High-Speed Internet Providers

Charter and Spectrum merged to create a Fortune 100 high-speed internet service company with affordable deals on high-quality internet packages. The Spectrum Internet Assist plan provides up to 30Mbps speeds with zero data restrictions or contracts. Your modem is included for free with any plan you select. Plans including 200Mbsp, 400Mbps and 1Gbps speeds are available starting at $44.99 per month (first year pricing) when you bundle your internet with an available Spectrum TV service. Bundling Spectrum mobile services provides an additional forty percent savings per month. Additional high-speed internet providers, along with their pricing plans and primary features include:

  • Google Fiber ($70 to 100 per month for 1Gbps and 2Gbps speeds respectively; Google Wi-Fi included in the 1Gbps plan; tri-band mesh extender and Wi-Fi 6 router included in the 2Gbps plan).

  • Frontier ($34.99 per month starting price for DSL and Fiber internet; transparent pricing without hidden charges or fees).

  • SuddenLink ($30 per month for initial twelve months; first-month’s service is free; qualified customers receive a 100 SuddenLink Visa Prepaid Card).