Guide To Finding Deals On High Speed Internet

Find out ways to cut your monthly internet bill. See if there are any local deals for internet near you!

Lowering your monthly costs is important whenever possible. In today’s world you need high-speed internet for work and school as much as for entertainment purposes. Internet prices always seems high unless bundled with multiple other services you might not even want. Deals on high-speed internet do exist if you know where to look, however. 

Promotions for high-speed internet services at $29.99 per month for up to 10bps are out there. Sometimes promotions and deals as low as $19.99 per month for the first twelve months are also on the table. Some high-speed internet services with lower price-points are even excellent choices for U.S. senior citizens. Are you ready to lower your internet bill fast? Read ahead for a helpful guide to finding deals on high-speed internet today.

Grab the Best High-Speed Internet Deals Now

Numerous deals on high-speed internet are available if you know where to find them. Saving money on high-speed internet does not mean having to sacrifice reliability or quality of service. It might even be surprising to learn how many of these deals come from popular top-tier companies. For example, Cox provides high-speed internet service at $29.99 per month for up to 10Mbps download speeds. This deal lasts for a full twelve months and requires a $75 upfront activation fee. The normal monthly price for Cox service with 10Mbps download speeds is $42.99 per month so this deal saves you a total $81 for the first year. Helpful links to several additional high-speed internet service deals include:

  • Mediacom ($19.99 per month for the first twelve months).

  • SuddenLink ($30 per month for the first year; free internet for one-month and $100 SuddenLink Visa Prepaid Card for qualified customers).

  • Frontier (DSL and Fiber internet starting at $34.99 per month; no hidden monthly fees).

  • AT&T Fiber for $35 per month (300Mbps; $150 rewards card with qualified online orders). 

Top Providers of High-Speed Internet - Compare Prices and Features

AT&T Fiber internet packages offer some of the best high-speed internet deals on the market today. AT&T has been around long enough to be remembered by some consumers as one of the nation’s top providers of landline phone services. In addition to landline and cellular services, AT&T has also branched out to become a top provider of internet and high-speed internet services as well.

Three tiers of monthly high-speed fiber internet service packages are offered by this industry-favorite provider based on how fast you want your internet to be. 300Mbps and 500Mbps plans are $35 and $45 per month respectively when paying with AutoPay. The $60 per month AT&T Fiber internet plan includes speeds up to 1Gbps plus a subscription to HBO Max. Features include the ability to connect ten+ devices simultaneously in one household, AT&T Internet Security, and ultra-low lag for pro-level gaming (latter available for $60 per month plan only). Currently, all AT&T Fiber high-speed internet packages purchased online also include a $150 reward card (limit one per household). Additional top providers of high-speed internet providers and pricing deals available today include:

  • CenturyLink.

  • T-Mobile.

  • Charter and Charter Spectrum Internet.

  • HughesNet.

  • Google Fiber.


CenturyLink claims its best deals are available online and the company backs it up with low prices on high-speed internet packages and affordably-priced options for seniors. When available in your area, CenturyLink internet services are some of the best deals in town. For example, the CenturyLink Unlimited Internet package starts at $50 per month for all speeds up to 140Mbps with no data limits or restrictions when paperless billing or prepay options are activated. The Fiber Gigabit package costs $65 per month for speeds up to 940Mbps. High-speed internet offers for small businesses are also available. The CenturyLink Internet Basics plan, which is perfect for senior citizens costs only $9.95/month and includes a Netbook computer and free training.

T-Mobile Home Internet

T-Mobile is another highly popular U.S. cellular service provider, which branched out into high-speed internet services just like AT&T. T-Mobile keeps its popular Home Internet service package simple without sacrificing quality or imposing inconvenient tiered restrictions on available data speeds. The plan costs $50 per month after a monthly AutoPay bill discount. Download speeds reach over 100Mbps in some households although average download speeds per household range from 25Mbps and up. Upload speeds average between 6Mbps and 23Mbps. In the name of transparency and simplicity, the T-Mobile Home Internet plan requires no annual contracts, guarantees zero hidden fees, and imposes no data cap restrictions on its 5G service.

Charter, Charter Spectrum or Spectrum - Great Deals on Internet No Matter What You Call It!

Charter, Charter Spectrum and Spectrum are all popular names with consumers as high-speed internet providers. The three names are also often confused for one another, as many consumers want to know if they are collectively the same company or three separate internet service providers. Spectrum’s official former name was Time Warner, which is only part of why the company is so trusted and popular among consumers today. Charter merged with Spectrum and the resulting hybrid became a Fortune 100 company with great deals on high-speed internet.

The Spectrum Internet Assist package includes a free modem and speeds up to 30Mbps with no data caps or contracts. Speeds ranging up to 200Mbsp, 400Mbps through 1Gbps are available starting at $44.99 per month for twelve months when you bundle with a Spectrum TV service package as well. Spectrum internet customers who also switch to Spectrum mobile services save an additional forty percent each month on their mobile phone bills as well.


HughesNet is the nation’s top provider of high-speed satellite internet today. The HughesNet Gen5 packages give you 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speeds for all plans. Two-year contracts are required and plans vary in pricing and data allowances, including:

  • $60/mo - 10Gb data.

  • $70/mo - 20Gb data.

  • $100/mo - 30Gb data.

  • $150/mo - 50Gb data.

  • $150/mo - 100Gb data (additional terms apply).

Google Fiber

Google Fiber high-speed internet offers speeds of 1Gbps and 2Gbps for $70 and 100 per month respectively. Google Fiber is widely known as the high-speed internet service responsible for changing how the fiber internet market game was played because its advent in 2010 significantly altered how local authorities and infrastructure providers engaged in business relations with each other. The 1Gbps plan includes Google Wifi or alternatively lets you use your choice of router. The 2Gbps plan includes a tri-band mesh extender and Wi-Fi 6 router at no additional charge and offers movie downloads in under thirty-seconds.